Morinomiyako Squaredance Club.

[Our Club]
We enjoy a square dance on every Saturday afternoon. In the early summer of 1995, Masaki Aoyama started a biginner class. After that,"Mori-no-miyako square dance club" was founded by Aoyama and graduates. Our mottos are "let's enjoys the square dance" and "let's share a good time". Everyone interrested in square dance is welcome. It doesn't matter whether you're couple or not. The level of dance goes from beginner to advanced. If you are a seasoned dancer, or if you have a interrest in square dance,please come and try. Just looking we'll be welcome also.

Club Management;
PresidentMasaki Aoyama
Acting presidentEtsuko Hashimoto
Vice President & SecretariatEiko Niino
Vice PresidentChiaki Sasaki
Vice PresidentKayoko Kikuchi
Vice PresidentMakiko Miura
Secretariat assistantMoriko Suzuki
Pablic relations;
J.S.D.A.*1Masaki Aoyama
J.S.D.A.Chiaki Sasaki
N.F.D.F.J.*2(Miyagi Branch)Masaki Aoyama
InspectorTakako Saito
InspectorHidekatsu Chiba
Dance Leader;
CallerMasaki Aoyama
Caller(&Cuer)Kuniko Hatai
CallerMasako Nakano
InstructorKazuko Taira
*1:Japan Square Dance Association
*2:National Folk Dance Federation of Japan Miyagi Branch